Borbála Szécsi


Borbála started her professional career in 2008 as a lawyer at the National Tax and Customs Authority, where she spent 14 years, before joining the Andersen team in November 2021.

At the tax authority, she gained in-depth knowledge in several areas, including tax audits related to liquidation procedures, adjudicating appeals at the second instance and representing tax cases in front of courts, transfer pricing cases and advance pricing agreement (APA) procedures. From 2018, she was an advisor to the deputy director of the National Tax and Customs Authority responsible for taxation issues for two years, where she was responsible for coordinating priority tax matters and tax-related legislative amendment proposals, as well as liaising with the Ministry of Finance.

At Andersen, Borbála is primarily involved in transfer pricing related projects, as well as advising related to tax authority matters.