Grants and Incentives

Grants and Incentives

Once a qualifying project is identified, companies may face additional challenges and difficulties when selecting the right incentive, initiating and managing tax incentive or cash grant application process.

What investments could be eligible for tax credits and cash grants?

What other incentives are available?

Our services

Our team of specialists is there to assist you with identifying and obtaining state aids in the form of cash grants or tax incentives.

  • We are offering location advisory services providing support for investment location selection process in Europe consisting of location study and comparative analysis of incentives
  • We provide assistance with identifying investments and R&D activities qualifying for tax credits and subsidy incentives
  • Our services cover the assistance in accessing state aids, maximizing tax benefits, negotiating with authorities, managing and coordinating application process
  • We may review of utilized state aids and tax credits and related costs, advising on the optimal utilization of available incentives