• Andersen's 2023 revenue

    Andersen increases revenues despite the unfavourable economic environment

    The sales revenue of Andersen was close to HUF 2.5 billion in 2023.

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  • e-VAT software

    Introducing Taxatron, the e-VAT software

    The software, developed jointly by Andersen and Ramasoft, provides a reliable solution for completing e-VAT returns and submitting them via an M2M connection.

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  • Barta Bence az Andersen új partnere

    Bence Barta appointed as new partner of Andersen Adótanácsadó Zrt.

    The former director of the indirect taxation business will continue his work as a partner from 1 January 2024.

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  • New research and development (R&D) tax credit in corporate tax – the rules are finalised

    Research and development costs may already qualify for corporate tax relief.

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  • Andersen Webinar: CBAM Regulation

    Understanding the Measure and Navigating the Transitional Phase

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  • New arguments in favour of M2M e-VAT

    Unique opportunities added to the tax package in order to advance the introduction of M2M e-VAT in 2024

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  • What is embedded emission, and how to calculate it?

    This is the most complex part of the data provision.

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  • Next year’s tax legislation adopted

    In addition to the amendments proposed by the Economic Committee, there are no big surprises in the autumn tax package.

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  • MOHU hulladék EPR

    MOHU sent its first EPR invoices – What to do?

    We have arrived at the next phase of the extended producer responsibility (EPR) system.

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  • Tamás Matarits continues at Szabó, Kelemen & Partners Andersen Law Office

    The experienced lawyer has joined SZKT Andersen as Of Counsel.

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  • Law Trends for Successful Working Teams in Europe

    An event from Andersen’s European Employment and Labor Law Service Line

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  • We tested the updated Environmental Product Fee Declaration Form

    We share our experience.

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