Law Trends for Successful Working Teams in Europe

Andersen’s European Employment and Labor Law Service Line invites you their upcoming hybrid event: “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: Law Trends for Successful Working Teams in Europe.”

During this event, our experts will tackle a range of pivotal topics, including:

• The Good: The evolving dynamics of remote work, work-life balance, parental rights, welfare measures, and disconnection rights in the context of EU and domestic laws.

• The Bad: Addressing employee disengagement, talent scarcity, wage transparency, minimum wage policies, and strategies for engaging an aging workforce and leveraging EU mobility and immigration.

• The Ugly: Navigating the complex issues of supply chain management, judicial responses to labor issues, and the challenges of unmanaged overtime.

📅 Event Details:

Date: Tuesday, November 28th

Time: 15:30h – 18:30h

Location: Andersen Milan | Corso Magenta, 82 | 20123 Milan

Registration and information: