New managing partner appointed at Andersen Legal

Dr. Balázs Dominek, a partner of Szabó, Kelemen & Partners Andersen Attorneys (“SZKT Andersen”) joined the four-member management team as managing partner at the beginning of June. Dr. Tamás Szabó, founder and managing partner of SZKT Andersen, will continue his work as senior partner.

Dr. Balázs Dominek replaced Dr. Tamás Szabó in the management team of Szabó, Kelemen & Partners Andersen Attorneys as of the beginning of June 2023. SZKT Andersen is currently managed by four managing partners: Dr. László András Kelemen, Dr. Domonkos Kiss, Dr. Péter Vincze and Dr. Balázs Dominek.

Dr. Tamás Szabó will support the managing partners in a new role as senior partner, and they will continue to rely on his expertise and decades of experience in this new role. The goal of the transformation is to include a representative of the next generation of lawyers in the management of the office, while Dr. Tamás Szabó wishes to focus on professional work and client service, whilst stepping back from management duties. Accordingly, as a member whose name is in the company’s name, he will continue to represent the clients of the office as an active lawyer in the areas of his practice.

Dr. Tamás Szabó has an experience of almost 40 years in the field of corporate and commercial law, both in Hungary and internationally. He specialises in commercial contracts, property purchases and developments, corporate restructuring and the acquisition of company shares. ​He is the co-founder of SZKT Andersen, which has been operating since 1996.

Dr. Balázs Dominek joined our office in September 2010 and has been a partner since December 2015. His main areas of expertise include competition law, consumer law and M&A advisory. His work has been acknowledged by several professional awards.