Andersen´s European Corporate and M&A practice has prepared a new edition of the European Corporate Insights’ magazine.

In this publication we address “M&A Opportunities in the Energy Sector” as one of the topics that have special interest for companies with multinational activities, and especially those doing business in Europe.

The energy sector has been one of the main players in the field of M&A in recent years due to the growing interest in renewable energies. As a result, both the EU Institutions and all European countries have taken urgent measures to protect a critical sector such as energy one and ensure citizens’ access to energy resources. The energy sector, despite facing a slowdown in transactions like all other sectors in 2022, remains one of the targets of private equity, and must adapt to the measures adopted both in the European institutions and in each country that establishes regulations according to its own particularities.

Andersen’s Corporate and M&A practice, together with the Energy group, provides a comprehensive analysis of 15 European countries, addressing transaction trends in this sector and the regulatory and tax measures adopted by each country to deal with the crisis without overlooking the evolution of the sector and the needs of both the people and the sector.

The magazine also covers some highlights and relevant information about our Corporate and M&A practice in Europe.