Andersen´s European Business Incentives and Tax Credits practice has published a new Guide on R&D incentives. This publication is intended to provide simple access to relevant information on research and development definitions and R&D tax incentives in 24 European Member States and in Albania, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

R&D is a viral topic throughout Europe. Since an innovative approach is necessary for long-term success, a significant number of companies engage in research, development, and innovation (R&D&I) activities. However, many are unaware of the concept of R&D activities in the context of relevant legislation, missing out on potential cost-saving opportunities through R&D incentives.

This document aims to give key details on R&D tax incentives across Europe.

This European level publication was coordinated by the Hungarian Andersen office. Besides Károly Radnai – managing partner of Andersen in Hungary and coordinator of the European Business Incentives and Tax Credit service line (BITC SL) -, Edina Dobos – Director at Andersen in Hungary, sub-coordinator of the European BITC SL – had a prominent role in the cooperation between the business branches of each Andersen offices.

The publication can be downloaded via this link.