Andersen Stories: 10 people, 10 stories, 1 thing in common

In the 1990s and around the turn of the millennium, several well-known Hungarian economists began their careers at Arthur Andersen or spent decisive years there. Unfortunately, their co-operation could not continue for the reasons known, but many of them have been linked since then by memories, close professional ties and friendships lasting to this day.

After 18 years, in the summer of 2020 the Andersen brand revived in recent years, returned to Hungary. This event, which greatly influenced the operation of domestic consulting market, provided an excellent opportunity to have a talk with some of the above-mentioned professionals and invite them to cite the common past. We were primarily interested in how they had come to the company at that time, what memories they keep about that period, where their careers have led later, and what  they felt when hearing the brand was returning to Hungary.

We made ten interviews, and during those we got much more than expected. More than just answers to the questions asked. Important career decisions and their drives, creeds, behind-the-scenes secrets, exciting background information, lifelong memories and complete professional life paths were revealed to us. Our interviewees were happy to tell us stories about the years they had spent at Andersen, were happy to go nostalgic, anecdote, and share their expectations of the revived brand with us.

We have now gathered these interviews into a bunch on our website. If you are interested in the world of consulting companies and you are wondering who worked for the legendary BIG5 members in Hungary 20-30 years ago, you should check out the 2-3 minutes episodes also available with English subtitles.

However, Andersen Stories do not end with these 10 interviews. We will be coming up with new parts, new recollections soon.


1. Farkas Bársony (president, American Chamber of Commerce): „I remember Andersen being the strongest in the judgement at that time.”

2. Roland Jabronka (legal director, Futureal): „Ever since I have never again worked at a workplace, a work environment where so much emphasis is put on training people.”

3. Attila Horváth (director of finance, Provident): „I grew up at Andersen, had got there as a graduate student, and left as a ready-made senior manager.”

4. Edit Bencsik (head of marketing, TATA Consultancy Services): „It was a very, very maximalist and quality company. Emerging and terribly competitive.”

5. János Babos (owner, Process Solutions): „Thirteen of us were hired together, we were practically at the beginning of the construction of the company, in a small office in a little vill in Völgy Street.”

6. István Havas (former CEO of EY Hungary): „I learned my profession at Arthur Andersen. I learned there how to work, work ethic, attitude to work, the basics of the profession, professional integrity, so all together.”

7. Csaba Vinkó (director of finance, Exeltis Magyarország): „Very good human relations and friendships developed at Andersen, that have been going on ever since, so from the second half of the 90’s. We are still coming together and keeping in touch.”

8. Tamás Kiss (tax chief, Tungsram): “A very good team developed at the company, and that was not only because we were able to work well together, but also because we spent quite a bit of time together after work.”

9. Erika Tóthné Rákosa (CEO, CensoRika Könyvvizsgáló Kft.): „Upon a single meeting they were able to make me think that my place was there and I fitted there and I wanted to belong there.”

10. Gábor Szőcs (director, Eximbank): “I really thought the name was completely disappearing and then I read out of the blue that they are back.”